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1.7 litres per 100 km ! I'm impressed ! and I really wish I could find a dustbin fairing like that one especially at that price

One of your photos shows a cover over the panniers that appears to be a more complete fairing aft, is that the usual now or the exposed panniers ?

Originally Posted by Ironside View Post
The wee beastie is almost finished. I say 'almost' because I don't think it will ever be completely finished, projects like this tend to continually evolve.

It's the first time I've used basecoat and clearcoat from a gun, I got some bad advice and consequently ended up with a poor finish. To be honest, the fairing moulding is more than a little uneven, so the job would never be perfect. Just to pove a point, I gave the tank a coat of clearcoat, and going with my gut feeling with regards to gun pressure and paint thickness, the result was almost perfect.

Took it out for a run yesterday, probably because of some recent air filter changes I could feel it holding back between 3/4 and full throttle so I think a bigger main jet is needed. Nevertheless I was clocked at 65 on the flat, so with some gearing changes I think my target of 70 is realistic.

Did a 55 mile run along A roads, B roads and dual carriageway and I wasn't 'hanging about', fuel consuption was 166 m.p.g result !. General running around before fitting the fairing was between 100 and 120 mpg., so a 40% improvement which I think is in line with general consensus.

I have more testing to do, I'm hoping for 200mpg. at a steady 50 mph cruise along a flat road (not easy to find in Wales).

It's too early to tell whether gusty conditions will effect stability, I've been reading Teri Tx's thread with great interest and will be incorporating a 'storm strip'. I will report results on his thread.

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