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Considering higher mileage VX

Hello ecomodders,

I've recently sold my '83 Civic hatch and I've been searching for the right VX for me. While I would ideally love a bone stock one with low miles, they are bringing prices that are about 1.5-2k above my price range. I'm no stranger to tinkering, so finding one that needs a few things doesn't scare me all that much, as I enjoy seeing progress with my vehicles.

That being said, I do however want to find a solid base for me to start with, mostly one with original body panels/paint because I really don't want to mess with that.

I found a higher mileage VX (240k miles) that appears to be in great shape. I ran the carfax on it, it's been a southern car it's entire life, hasn't even been registered in another state. The same owner had it from new till 230k miles.

The questionable: I can tell it has an aftermarket header, and aftermarket muffler. It also has a different ECU. Otherwise, bone stock.

Since it has a different ECU, I'm just going to assume the lean burn isn't functioning. I'm betting since it has an aftermarket header, it started to run not as good since the 02 sensor is in a different place, so they alleviated the problem with a different ECU.

When I go check it out, I just want to make sure it has the original head, and VX tranny. What markings on the head or tranny will tell me that they are in fact original to the car?

What other things should I look for that I may not have thought about?

Again, I know not having the stock exhaust is a turn off, but there's a member on here that is getting rid of a stock federal ECU and stock exhaust manifold, so that would help me start transforming it right away.

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