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The trade-off that has to be made is low coefficient of drag versus frontal area.

Any ultra-narrow vehicle has a huge problem – side winds. To combat that problem you need the widest possible track. At least at one end.

If you enclose the front wheels inside the main body, you reduce coefficient of drag. You could maybe get the whole thing more or less inside the template. But you necessarily increase frontal area.

“Outrigger” wheels offer potentially less frontal area but higher coefficient of drag.

It may be counter-intuitive but what if you put the outriggers so far from the main body that there is no “venturi” between them?

Incorporating something like these might reduce the amount of width the whole thing needs to have to resist crosswind overturning moment.

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Leaning the vehicle into the cross wind reduces the amount of front wheel spacing needed to offset the overturning moment of a crosswind.

Many fixed landing gear light planes fair their wheels for less drag.

I think that’s a “must” for a reverse trike vehicle.
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