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Basically, the story is that Audi catching up with Eugene, OR.

Green Driver

I told my son about this years ago. In five minutes he had already downloaded it to his iPhone and decided it was superior to the turn-by-turn in his SRT-8. An hour later he was already grumpy when we rolled into Springfield and it stopped working.

It isn't predictive of the lights, it's peered to the traffic-light servers that control the lights. When you can can see all the lights in town all the time, bad synching of the light will cause citizen advocacy. David Brin would call it sousveillance.

Originally Posted by Green Driver
EnLighten cities:
•Live in Portland, OR and Eugene, OR
•In beta across most of Utah and in Garland, TX
•Coming soon to Arcadia, CA
•Trials under way in other cities in California and elsewhere
•Many more locations to follow...
Benefits to cities:
Reduced driver distraction and increased safety.
•Access to low-cost anonymized traffic flow information (including point to point studies).
•Better understanding of infrastructure needs and traffic light system performance.
•Enabling future connected-vehicle applications to reduce congestion, fuel consumption and carbon emissions.
•No per-light or per-vehicle installation costs, unlike other Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I) approaches.
•Leverage existing technology investment.
•Accessible public technology demonstrator and showcase benefits of the ITS infrastructure.
We shall see how Audi does with the various municipalities.
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