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Originally Posted by EcoReality View Post
The transfer switches I've seen cannot work this way.

I've often thought about just putting a little neon bulb on the grid side of the transfer switch to indicated its uppedness.

But for now, looking at the neighbours' houses suffices. If you have a so-called "smart meter," I think it can tell you when the grid is up, as well.
That's a pity. I was hoping to have my transfer switch set-up with an excluded circuit.
Never mind, the power outages are so rare i don't think i will lose sleep over it.

I think i will hold off on getting a transfer switch installed, at least until the power outages become more frequent. Several times a year instead of the current several times a decade. Until then I will just keep using an extension lead from the UPS in the garage to the lounge room. Then into a power board for running the TV, some lamps and most importantly the ADSL modem and computer. Just so i can keep getting my ecomodder fix.

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