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Originally Posted by bryn View Post
i read a book a last year called "alcohol can be a gas" the auther claims most corn in the US goes to feed animals for meat.
cows are really bad at digesting sugers, so corn made into ethanol removes the sugars, leaving cooked protiens and fiber. he claims the left over distillers grains are a better food for cattle, than the raw grain with all of the starch still in place,
the same bushel of grain cooked for alcohol with the starch removed will grow healthier cattle, bigger, faster.
The amount of methane generated by the bacteria inside the cattle's digestive tract is related to the starch at a certain amount, so distillation-dried grain (DDG) is a good option to feed cattle instead of raw corn. Regarding sugarcane vs. ethanol, nowadays even in Brazil there are some ethanol mills using corn to keep operating all year-round instead of just from November to March.
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