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Re. current draw on the injector circuit: less than 30A. The switch doesn't matter if you are using the relay; the switching side of a relay draws only a fraction of an Amp. You should be using a relay with diode protection of the switched circuit.

Either the ~14V (alternator charging) or the earth prior to the ECU will work. My personal preference is for the earth side.

It's usually easier to make connections near the ECU. It's clean and all the wires are accessible and in the same vicinity as each other.

If you have an issue with the ECU not liking the injector disconnected you can put a dummy "injector" in the circuit, in parallel to the real injectors, and switch to and from that. The dummies could be injectors, or at least the solenoid windings from them, junkyard sourced.

This problem is part of any propane fuel conversion so you might get some answers from a shop local to you that does such work.
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