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Yet we are not allowed to produce our own.

Originally Posted by XYZ View Post
You can extract usable sugar from all these crops and make booze from any and all of them. But the United States Government's Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms has a powerful, controlling force over all those things: Revenooers. Men with badges and guns will come and prosecute you.
Don't get me started on that one...

It would be so easy to build a small distillation unit for home use to make ethanol to supplement your fuel. For example, there is so much overripe/discarded fruit at the grocery stores that is so full of sugar that is nearly furmenting on it's own before you get it home.

But the Federal laws and regulations are based upon prohibition and are so out-dated and stringently written to make it impossible for an individual to exercise any self-sufficiency with respect to alcohol production, (or tobacco too). It's pitiful and sad -- we let the government waste our time and our lives, by enduring such stupidity.

Humans can't digest corn. Cows with multiple stomachs have a difficult time. It has to be cooked or processed to get benefit. Anything with starch can be turned to sugar, and from there to ethanol, starting with pure sugar just skips a step.

The permaculture 2-minute guide was interesting but it just made me mad to think again that i can't make my own ethanol, yet it would be so easy to do.

When stupid prohibition laws are passed, such as Nixon's 55-mph speed limit, the people rebelled and voted with their right foot. The penalty for non-compliance was a speeding ticket and a small fine. But for home-based ethanol production the penalties are too severe to take the risk--it's a crying shame...
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