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I have been thinking lately about making the solar system I have at "The Ranch", portable, so if needed, (power outage at home), I could go put it in the truck and hook it up to the house Main panel. It is a 24 volt system using (4) L-16 6 volt batteries and a Trace 4024 inverter, 6 Uni-solar 75 watt panels which charge the batteries and (2) more that provide 12 volts to the old 12 volt RV I used to have up there. I could add the two panels to make a total of (8). This system is about 20 years old, except for the batteries, which were replaced a few years ago. There is also a propane Kohler 5000 watt RV generator which charges the batteries in the cold winter nights and runs the 220 volt well pump. The generator room-pump house is in need of R&R (Remove and Replace) so I was going to build a new building with a tracking system for the PV panels, but after some thoughts on the Grid attack in Cailfornia a while back, I got thinking in a different direction. I have the system, but it is not portable at this time, Tucson has some vulnerable Energy supply systems which could be damaged easily. One main electric supply line and one fuel supply line, our local main power plant runs on NG, Oil, with a Coal backup ( which I don't know if Obama's EPA even lets us use anymore), so a disruption in the NG line and the Large Electric line would mean lights out. I will be exploring this further.
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