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Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post
I almost wish you'd left some of the original audio in there just for fun.
Thanks Darin. I'll remove the music and upload it again without. You can hear the engines of the other cars but not much else. I need to edit the caption at the end anyway. There were only 28 cars in the race, not 31. The reason you don't see 28 cars at the start of the race is because the AWD cars are in their own group, which starts about 1/8 mile ahead of us drivers in the 2WD group. They call it split starts, where there are two separate green flags as each group passes start/finish. The funny thing is that I finished ahead of 4 of the AWD cars [their class is called SL4] even though they had an 1/8 mile head start.
Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post
Did you learn anything EV-specific in the race? Any strategic revelations?
I found that the torque in Sport mode was too much at first. I actually ran the fist half of the race in Normal mode which has a nice linear power curve and is limited to 101 h.p. When I got comfortable with the handling of the car I switched it to Sport mode which delivers the full 123 h.p. It was then that I started passing some of the slower cars more easily but I had to feather the throttle a lot more in the corners then. Between the 10 minute warm up session and the 20 minute race, I used 2/3 of the charge.

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