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Originally Posted by Joggernot View Post
This got to me today for a repair to a door...

Two hours of labor at dealer $234
Assume mechanic gets $50/hour $100
Extra dealer profit/overhead $134 134%

If the dealer's overhead is really 134% I need to find some other
place to get the work done. This doesn't include the "shop fee" of $20, so it is actually more than 134%.

assuming that a mechanic gets $50/Hr is crazy

keep in mind:
the shop, "It's a business, it ain't UNICEF"
not in the market of giving stuff away to feel good

overhead is kinda hard to caclulate on a job by job basis

in adition to the $20-30/hr the mechanic is getting (probably 8 hours/day, even tho your work was only 2 hours) the business has to pay L&I, and other Benifits (dont get me started on ObamaCare)
as wel as other insurances, tools, rent, etc...

I'm by no means saying that $117/hr for labor is OK in my book
but, dont assume the guy doing the work is getting that much
or that even the company overall is pocketing all that much.

check around,
even the small shops are probably charging $80-90/hr
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