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CAUTION (my warped sense of humor is showing) ! !

1) GM re-introduces their new 2015 HUMMER IV EV vehicle?

2) Ford re-introduces the Edsel?

3) GM re-introduces the Corvair?

4) American Motors Corp re-introduces the Gremlin?

5) Florida Voting Department suddenly discovering a long-lost cache of Presidential-ballot "chads."

6) The Ex-Lax Company merging with Hersey Chocolate?

7) NSA suddenly discovering the dreaded "Blue Screen of Death" on ALL of their Microsoft OS machines.

8) The U. S. Postal Service experimenting with flavored "lickable" postage stamps?

9) The Supreme Court Judges suddenly declare Obama's Affordable Care Act 'null-and-void' because they discover it APPLIES to them too!

10) Canadian scientists discover "Cold Fusion" is the REAL cause of 'Climate Change.'

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