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Originally Posted by Joggernot View Post
This got to me today for a repair to a door...

Two hours of labor at dealer $234
Assume mechanic gets $50/hour $100
Extra dealer profit/overhead $134 134%

If the dealer's overhead is really 134% I need to find some other
place to get the work done.
Yes, you do. The cars you listed are between 10-14 years old. Whatever tool that was necessary is not an exotic item any more.
This doesn't include the "shop fee" of $20, so it is actually more than 134%.

I wanted the dealer to do the work for warranty, but I can pay my own way for this cost or learn more on DIY. This work called for a special tool, which I didn't have...of course.
Obviously the stealership wasn't about to do warranty work on a car that old. Who's kidding whom? You could have walked away, but you didn't.

Any experienced body shop should be able to repair whatever was wrong with your door for a fraction of that cost. However, the choice was yours to make.
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