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Never mind the cat. It's a glitch in the Matrix.


Even knowing the ad is very tongue-in-cheek, I would so love to assemble my own car at home.

I've been to a Honda plant that produces the sedan variant, and it's a fascinating thing. With that mid-mounted fuel tank, there's enough flat space at the rear of the chassis for Honda to make a pick-up variant out of it. Actually, I'm wondering why nobody has tried, yet... perhaps the micro-van format is so useful, people don't see the need to fiddle with it.

You never know...

The most interesting piece is the tank itself, which has so much irregular space at the top (due to fitting into a very irregular space between the front seats) that it makes it easy to see how you could gain a few liters more space by shaking the car after the first fill-up. And the filler neck, going from the cap on the C-pillar all the way to the tanks under the front seat, has more volume than many scooter tanks!
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