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Cool Aerodynamic rear window cover?


Last time I was on here, I was eco modding a 93 Astro van. My chore today is the 97 Saab 900 turbo 2.0 inline 4.

Browsing around at some images, I unintentionally revisited a childhood icon: The rear window cover on the DeLorean from Back to the Future. *edit I actually don't know if the thing was on the DeLorean or not, see below.

I think most of you know what I'm talking about, but if not, I will try to explain.

Multiple Kammabacks all the way down the rear window of a car with gaps for visibility.

I am not sure what these are called, but looking at the Saabs CD (.34) I think I could shave a .05 off of that with some light modding.

My question is this: What is the name of that rear window mount? I can not find it under the multiple search criteria's of rear/ back window cover/mount aerodynamic and I don't really know what else to search to get the thing on my screen haha

Thank you!

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