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So, how did you "eco" mod it? Just adjust the plug gap and added a cai?

Sounds like you may of raised or lowered the governed engine speed to raise and lower the volts.

Lastly, it sounds like the inverter is connected to the starter motor battery? Or is it connected to a battery and to the 12 volt charger circuit of the generator?

Any test results on actual fuel consumption, fuel to kw?

Just wondering as Ive used a small 800 watt one from harbor freight at half load. 4.5 hours. With old gas it runs about 3 hours. Unlike my stihl chainsaw, it seems to run on anything. The chain saw refuses to start unless its fresh gas.

The chain saw you ask? Its stock, works on 6-7 medium size trees before it needs a refill. I run it full throttle once the chain gets within half an inch of wood.
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