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Originally Posted by MPaulHolmes View Post
Hello! Yes, absolutely I'm going to finish it.
I'm like 95% done with the code for it, and just need to test it and do up a board with a few corrections. I've been busy the last year with work, but I've learned so much from my job about how to use igbt modules, I'm going with 3 half bridge modules for my prototype.
That's fantastic news Paul. (about the controller)
Are you using the Mitsubishi IGBT's in your prototype the same as the DC controller?

I am also interested in pre-ordering a kit.
Would it be a kit, just PCB's or a fully built controller?
Also i wouldn't mind if you added a bit more to the kit cost to go towards helping out your daughter. After all the more issues we can help you with, the more free time you will have to work your magic with the controllers.

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