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Originally Posted by Sporty Modder View Post
Yes the potential is there... If you look at the front of your trucks front in respect to air flow you will notice everything is radiused or rounded, even my 84 toyota(described as boxy) has rounded/radiused edges. For aero the worst thing you can do is add square leading edge's( actually square trailing edge's). I am sure aerohead has a chart. The problem is turbulance , instead of pushing/splitting the air gently the square edges shove it aside. The least impact on aero would be the Black Venom bar you linked to. In my experience with deer impacts they are usually quartering, meaning you hit with one corner of the car.
So do you think round tubing while harder to work with, would be less aero detrimental then the square?

I have been wanting to use the 3inch 3/16 square tube, because it will fit the frame nicely where I plan on mounting it, and I wanted to use the same for everything.

Howabout just a nice thick steel tube running the width of the front of the truck, just under the indicator light, or over the chevy symbol curved to match the front and wrap around about 2 inches back.

Would this have minimal aero effect, and would it be a high enough strike point to avoid flipping anything?

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