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I agree Grant-53, the difficulty being with the motorization of a bicycle not only do speeds increase, usage (distance) does as well - both drastically accelerating the "normal" wear of any parts that function via friction, including disc brake pads & rotors. However, when your "rotor" is your rim itself the consequences can be a bit more troublesome.

Here's some of my earlier lessons regarding the long-term usage of rim brakes with motor assisted bicycles;

...and the result of single-wall rims;

Miraculously, these "lessons" were relatively painless for me & again, for localized, low speed and/or intermittent use rim brakes will suffice. I hope I don't seem presumptuous as I only hope to spare others the trouble, expense & potential injury I've caused myself by mine ignorance - particularly when the alternative if preemptive is so comparatively inexpensive.

Two very reputable, low cost double wall rim & disc brake wheel vendors I've had great satisfaction with - I generally buy the rims alone & lace to existing hubs, or other aftermarket hubs of better quality;

Alex Rims (or Alexrims) Alex Rims: Sports & Outdoors

Weinmann Weinmann: Sports & Outdoors

I do so greatly prefer to learn from the errors of others, as I do still make so many of my own lol

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