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Hello -

I am testing this non-MPG Coroplast mod right now. It is intended for a first story, West facing window that can't be shaded with overhangs :


Inside (Diffused Lighting)

I did it like this :

1 - Cut Coroplast to fit over the outside window.

2 - Make sure there is some metal on the window frame that will attach to magnets (not aluminum, which is common in window frames). In my example, I had to create little metal tabs that I folded over the aluminum framed bug screens.

3 - Epoxy powerful Neodymium magnets *into* coroplast panel to match the "magnetic points" on the outside window frame. Since the coroplast is just like cardboard, the magnets will have plastic layer on the front and back.

4 - Put on when sun starts to come through window.

Benefits :

- 100% Reversible.

- Lightweight. As long as the window isn't too big, the magnets are enough to hold the cover on the window.

- Lightweight. It is easy/low maintenance to put on and off.

- Safe. If there is a wind powerful enough to yank it off, it will just fall to
the ground without hurting anything.

- Allows ambient light through, while keeping the sun from getting in. Stops the sun on the OUTSIDE, where it needs to be stopped.

- Improveable. Could have aluminum/reflective sheath in situations where it wouldn't reflect onto the neighbors.


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