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I have been reading this thread from the beginning, and I have a couple of questions:
In several early posts, it's mentioned that the controller board and the power section do not share a ground. Is there a reason for that other than the controller is powered by a separate battery?

I ask because I'm considering building one of these for my "golf cart" which has limited space for batteries. I was considering a voltage reducer to pull power from the main pack. Although maybe a small 12v battery would be better (is there such a thing?)
I emphasize "golf cart" because I've never used it for golf.

Secondly, in the early posts I have read about "advancing the motor brushes". Can someone kindly explain what that is to me (or point me to something good that I can read?)

Finally, there's mention of a PI loop. I googled pi motor control and get lots of results about raspberry pi, which made me hungry but are probably not what I'm looking for. What are alternatives to pi? (aside from cornbread, which is usually square, but my wife's is round.). Any suggested reading?


Believe it or not I'm really enjoying my read through the thread. I have at least 400 pages of posts to go. I read on my tablet before bed, so this might take a while. Not that I'm implying that you guys put me to sleep or anything. Even though I guess technically you do.
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