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Originally Posted by MPaulHolmes View Post
I hate to nickel and dime you beta testers, but here goes: ....
You guys will need 3 pieces of at least 3 foot, 2 gauge cable. Each pieces goes with its very own IGBT/current sensor to the motor. They need to be 3 feet long each...
Three feet of cable is a little long but I will make that work.

Are you regulating the positive or negative side, that is does the other end of the motor returns to batt+ or batt- ?

I should probably get the 2 gauge cable, so I can mount a current sensor to each one, but that step isn't rocket science and you could do it too. But I would like to test each controller before mailing it out!
I see no advantage to us installing the current sensors, you might as well install them.

Now, for connecting B+ and B-. How about 2 pieces of 1 foot, 2gauge cable for B+, and 2 pieces for B-.
On mine I would like 12" on B+ and 20" on B-

I have no more money left. LOL.
Are you hinting that it is time for a progress payment?
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