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You know, we could shoot for a 0.2v drop at 500amp instead of 400amp. That would shorten the 3 foot cable to... drum roll please... 2.5 feet (starting from the igbts inside the controller, so that eats up 6-8 inches right there I think). Any length will just help keep things balanced. There's no rule that says it has to be a particular length though. If you find that the IGBTs always have the same current, then you could shorten the cables.

It's a high side controller, so you will have the following wiring (ignoring all safety stuff):

BATTERY PACK + -------------- CONTROLLER +
Battery Pack negative --------------- controller negative
Motor Negative ----------- controller negative (or battery pack negative)
Controller M+ ------------------ Motor M+

On mine I would like 12" on B+ and 20" on B-
That's not not, I repeat, not a problem! I"m thinking a couple 0000 lugs sticking out of the end cap for attaching to B+ and B-. Then, how I connect it all inside to the capacitor is pretty irrelevant to the outside world. I need me a 0000 lug crimper. Actually, I may be able to make one with some big cable cutters I have and an angle grinder. I already turned it into a 2 gauge crimper, now I just need to grind the hole a little bigger. Or a small piece of bus bar might be good. Oh the possibilities are endless.
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