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Originally Posted by gascort View Post
Time/Energy shouldn't count - this is a hobby for most of us, probably including you!
That said, the $$ aspect of this is very important to many of us, and it's what will allow us to spread the word on Ecomodding.

I'm personally on a pretty tight budget. All the mods on my car have to be cost effective if I'm going to do them. I'm willing to invest money if it is likely to pay itself off in ~6 months at $5/gal fuel. Most of my mods so far are with free stuff I got, stuff I found in the trash, or things I had lying around. Time invested is my only cost, and it's fun!
I couldn't agree more.

That's why I posted what I did. If one was to run down your battery out in the middle of nowhere (because of "trying" to save $$ on fuel), you would be LOSING much more $$ in the process.

Like I said, a tow from AAA ($60+) and the time/energy (also worth $$$$) to recharge/replace one's battery ($50+) HAS to be taken into consideration.
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