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The boards just shipped. There are 10 of them. It was something like $350 + $175 ($175 for my screw up) lol including shipping, so if anyone wants one for $35.10, they can have one (slight profit margin). Man, I couldn't bring myself to figure out what $350 + $175 was. haha. It is both the control board and 3 drivers in one board. 4 layers. um.. and other stuff probably. I can solder the one surface mount component for anyone that needs help. I don't have any of the FOD8316, so you'd have to buy it though. I need to order me some of them, for real!

DHL Tracking number: 1077685674.

One interesting thing: If there is a voltage on the bus capacitor, the driver/desaturation detection chip (FOD8316) has a desaturation fault on startup. It doesn't mean that there was an actual desaturation event though. I used to think that was really a dumb flaw, but it's just being safe. There's no way that uncontrolled voltage can go through IGBTs that may or may not be opened, before the microcontroller has a chance to start doing its thing. It starts up in a disabled, fault state. Nice Job, FOD8316 people! That's using your noodle.
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