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Originally Posted by MPaulHolmes View Post
(if you want to get your own cable, or can find 40 feet, let me know)
Welding Cable 2 AWG 50
The last part is the end caps. I haven't gotten that yet either. I was thinking 1/4" or thicker of some plasticky sort of material. I hate this part of controller making. The dang enclosure, and interface to the outside world.
For the housing. Maybe add some through connects similar to what Curtis has on their controllers. Have the copper buses bend upwards at the end and so that they are vertical and in line with the ends so the through connects can screw one side directly to the bus and the outside have a stud to connect the lugged cables from the motor/batteries.That way you could use metal ends and screw it down making it weather proof and not have to mess about with plastic ends?
Is there a need for air flow or does the heat sink suffice?

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