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I've heard many great things of the Crystalyte, it seems the hub of choice for novice & modder alike - it may not be a budget choice, but a safe one regarding known quality & preformance w/o doubt

I'm forced to run knobbies in the winter but I did try a few "hybrid" tires similar to the Conti you've linked above as I do still like to trail, even if just the path to my shop which can get quite ugly at times - thing is, I never quite managed to find one that didn't end up being uncomfortable as the transition from slick to knob whilst leaning to turn at speed is disconcerting at best, dangerous if unaware (loaned ride or whatever) & despite trying a few different variants of hybrid slick/semislick & mild/aggressive lugs... they all seemed "the worst of both" rather then the best, but that's pure personal preference - I'm sure it's something folks get used to, even love.

For wear, these were one of the best I tried as the center slick is as thick as the knobs are tall - it seems to last near forever but it's an extreme transition;

Kenda Kross Plus Hybrid Wire Bead Bicycle Tire

I'm switching back to these on everything 26" I have as I do with great joy every spring season as it's a sure sign of sunny summertime to come - these too last seemingly forever, slightly harder compound then you'd expect of a semi slick they're also quite thick in the treaded area;

Kenda K838 Slick Wire Bead Bicycle Tire
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