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Originally Posted by MPaulHolmes View Post
I'm having trouble picturing this. Metal end caps? How would you isolate the bus from them?
Apologies for the bad description.
And apologies for the basic drawing that is to follow.

It is a sandwich of a nut, the bus, an insulator, the end plate, another insulator and then a outer nut. All held together with a stud (i think its called "all thread").

The outer insulator has a step in it so that it passes through the end plate and makes contact with the inner insulator. This makes the inner and outer insulators into a single piece and also stops the all thread from moving off center and contacting the end plate.

I am thinking some epoxy glue between the insulators to keep them from separating. May also be needed on the outer nut and the all thread to prevent any rotation of the inner pieces when tightening a lug onto the outer part of the all thread.

The width and thickness of the insulators could be adjusted to match the voltage isolation required.
The all thread diameter would be sized to handle the expected current.

It does involve bending the bus, not sure if that is possible / easy.

Can you tell i am not an engineer, graphic artist or designer.

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