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Originally Posted by cbaber View Post
So what is the message we are suppose to take from this journey?

They created a car that no normal person can obtain reasonably. They spend thousands of dollars on parts, hours on intensive labor, and stripped the car down to something no one wants to live with on a daily basis. All for a result that many many people here achieve year round with nearly stock cars, with cheap DIY parts like garden edging.

I would completely understand it if they chose to implement driving techniques. At that point it would be a battle for max MPG, no matter what the cost. Instead they made it sound crazy to drive under the speed limit, but it's fine to custom build carbon doors and body panels to save a few pounds. So what the average person takes away from this story is that it's cool to spend a lot of time and $$$ on a custom car for good MPG, but it's not cool to simply improve your driving and achieve the same results.
I agree with what your saying, but I do love the idea of them bringing awareness of fuel efficiency to the younger crowd. Now I would like to challenge them, and have them show what you can do by implementing fuel efficient driving techniques to this vehicle? This would be awesome, to bring some attention of saving fuel to a their already younger captured audience.

Fuel efficient mods opens the door to their advertising supporters. This could be the next big business for the import suppliers if the would just create a already needed demand for fuel efficient products aero mods, LR tires etc (not snake oil crap)
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