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Originally Posted by dremd View Post
I'm interested:

A few questions:

1) isn't there some issue with tinting double pane windows?
2) do you happen to have any similar info on car window tints (energy saving wise) or does this transfer straight over?
Residential window films are designed to be put on dual pane windows. There's a chart that window tinters follow that takes into account all kinds of factors to determine if the film is safe in that situation.

Yes, there are regular films and high heat rejection films for cars. However, they aren't very energy saving. After all, the only time you would save energy with the car are those rare days that allow you to completely turn off the A/C and drive with the windows up because the tint is rejecting enough heat to make it comfortable.

Originally Posted by Arminius View Post
Not to mention that it's more relective than dark tinting, thereby absorbing and trasferring less heat. Of course, relfective tinting might be different.
Typically the darker you go the more reflective the tint is. Something like Silver 20% rejects 80% of heat and only absorbs about 38% into the glass.

Also, the TSER (total solar energy rejection) specification of window tint takes into the consideration of absorption, convection, etc.

Without testing your system to get the shading coefficient, TSER, and Solar Heat Gain Coefficient we really don't know how well yours works.

Not to mention your CP is blocking the view. Something none of my customers want.

However, you may want to look into solar screens. They can stop up to 70% of heat (but they only allow 30% of light) and work on the same principle. I'm also curious as to what the light transmission of the CP is.
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