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Originally Posted by jedsmd View Post
My two cents:

Keep it simple. Just run the 2gauge where it needs to go in the controller and lets us worry about hooking the other ends up. Each extra connection in the power path is an additional voltage drop and potential failure point.
How about just using cable glands to pass the cable through the end plates?
Some nicely insulated cable should allow the end plate to be made of metal if that makes it easier for Paul to fabricate. Would probably be more durable that way too.

So run the cable from the motor to the controller and right through the end plate and connect it internally to the bus. If we needed to remove the controller at some point then we could disconnect the cables at the motor end.
That should reduce the number of connection points. Also it would save Paul from having to supply any cables, we could just hook up the length of cable appropriate to our layout.
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