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Originally Posted by P-hack View Post
turn, might I suggest you offer to buy mechman:
an arduino (clone for $10)
US Uno R3 ATMEGA328P ATMEGA16U2 2012 Version Board Free USB Cable for Arduino | eBay

a mux shield:

maybe a 20/4 serial lcd so you don't have a bunch of pack wires going to the dashboard:
Blue Serial IIC I2C TWI 2004 204 20x4 Character LCD Module Display for Arduino | eBay
$9.18 suggest 3 digit volt readings, space in between, 5 readings per line, skip the decimal point, to fit 18 reading on a 4x20.

very unbalanced example (18 readings):
000 050 470 250 270
277 343 333 320 386
312 402 412 333 262
303 389 250
plus a loud piezo if any are out of range, and flashing led backlight, and maybe some way to signal the charger or controller to stop. (or charge through the contactor and have this disconnect it maybe)

and whatever else mech needs and see if he will mess with it for you
That'd work for me if Mechman is willing to build the stuff. I went around and bookmarked all the parts on other sites (no ebay account here).

I like DIY stuff and doing things on my own, but I've been researching arduino BMS and DIY BMS stuff all day. Lots of soldering that I don't have enough skills in. Or the proper soldering tips.
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