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Originally Posted by cfg83 View Post
geoff -

It looks great, but I am not sure what you mean by "aluminum threaded rod". Do you mean for garage shelving or ?!?!?!?

Exactly, it comes in different lengths, easy to cut with a hacksaw and also easy to bend while being lightweight. I chose it over just a regular rod because I figured the threading on it would help it "bite" into the platic lip and keep from sliping out of place. Along with the fact that it bends in on the edges and I sealed the ends off with silicone its been good, its just there to help it hold its shape in the wind.

Originally Posted by justpassntime View Post
Looks good. My Accord actually has a place for this to mount and with holes for the anchor nuts too. Aerodynamically speaking you would need to be traveling faster than 45 mph to see any noticeable gains. How clean is the underside of your car? Possibly a belly pan or filler panels may help some, but again at higher speeds. Most of my driving is highway, I would say 90%.
Yeah, I do mostly city driving, I wasnt looking to get a huge gain out of it, and for the total cost invested (about $25-30) along with an hours work I was happy just to not loose any MPG. I havent seen any measurable gain or loss with it over the last 3 tanks of gas since I put it on (about 1000 miles and 2.5 months). I do almost completly city driving, only occasionaly going over 50mph. Ive heard that aerodynamics really only come into play with more modern cars above 55-60mph.

My office will be moving at the end of the year, and my 6 mile each way commute will be turning into 25 miles each way, with about 20 miles each way being highway, so I hope that things dont change that much adding an extra 10-20mph to my cruise speed (about 65mph from my now 45-50mph)

As for an undertray, the car has 3 different peices that run from under the radiator back to the mid point of the engine bay. I plan to get some of that corrugated plastic to help tie those 3 peices together, and carry the undertray further back, closer to the firewall.
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