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I am glad you think the power supply I bought looks like it will work to grid charge. I think I knew it would not work to do the discharge, but I thought the charging aspect would be more important than anything. I'll tell you that the unit is a high quality precise lab power supply and so, if its working properly, it should hopefully allow very precise settings to charge. I keep reading the manual but I still need to understand and learn. If I read it correctly, it has something called "steps" that allow it to be programmed to charge at a particular set of settings for a specific time, and then to switch to other settings. If I understand it correctly, it could allow for structured timed drops in charging power levels, which I think I have read would be good as the batteries reach specific state of charges?

Beautiful would be to find a device that can be connected to a battery to monitor the voltage, that would automatically shut off at a specified voltage. Then something to drain the battery could be connected to it, and one would know the discharge would cease when the critical voltage level for discharge has been reached. There isn't any such thing for sale out there is there? Could maybe one of those r/c battery balancer units be used to discharge the entire pack to a specified voltage level?

I have the manual on pdf for the BioRad if you would like it.
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