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Final battery install

OK I finally have a successful battery install. Learn from my mistakes.

Background. A recal or recalibration is when the battery starts at 0 bars. Then the charge comes on at about 1/4 and runs until 2 bars. The it jumps to full 8 bars. If it ever jumping between 2 and 8 bars it is running a recal.

First install. Pulled pack and replaced with batteries bought from ebay. Seller says the packs are min of 5000mah. New cells are 6500mah. I just put them in and reinstalled pack. Initial recal starts and looks good. Driving is so so. Get good assist at full charge but it drops to 2 bars after just a bit.

2nd install. It the week the 1st install was running I went through all my batteries with the conditioner. All of them measured > 4000mah discharge to 6v. There we 2 pairs that I though had issues. So I put in 2 of my ebay pairs. Good initial recal. Car ran great. Good assist good charge. Charge state stayed at 4-5 bars. Thought I was good. Next morning dead. Recal started but errored and IMA light came on.

3rd install. Email from Matt at Hybrid Revolt. I bought cells from him. Told me batteries should be fully charged before install. So I fully charged the ebay cells and re-installed. All bad. Instant IMA light. I finally got my ODB2 reader, my ODB wouldn't work on civic. Code was P1570. Batteries out of balance.

4th install. Email to Matt . Said to check the connections to the sensors. Sure enough one was broken.

Soldered wire to short broken connection. Every thing good so far. Good recal, 4-5 bars good assist.

Moral of story. Charge your batteries before install. I could have avoided 2 weeks of problems if I had done that.
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