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I have used it on all of my vehicles. I'm saving 30% on my truck since I never drive it. The Acura is getting a 13% discount, and I currently have the snapshot connected to my Camry.

I did buy a splitter so that the Ultragauge could be used in tandem with the Snapshot. However, it seems the Ultragauge can interfere with the initialization of the Snapshot device, rendering it unable to log the trip in some vehicles. Perhaps turning down the sampling rate on the Ultragauge would free up enough bandwidth on the CAN bus for both to work correctly.

You will know if the Snapshot initializes correctly by hearing 3 beeps just after starting the car.

From Progressive:
If you avoid hard braking or stop-and-go driving, drive fewer than 30 miles per day, or avoid driving between midnight and 4 a.m., then you're likely to save with Snapshot.
The threshold for a hard brake is 7mph/second (1/3 of a g-force), which I believe is unreasonably sensitive. You will get many hard brakes at first until the annoying beep retrains how you decelerate. Even then, you will get an occasional hard brake when you just miss a traffic light, or someone cuts you off in traffic.

My sister received zero discount and was told to send the device back a few weeks after installing it. She never responded to the feedback she was getting by modifying her driving habits. She's a terrible driver, and has been responsible for 3 accidents.
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