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Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
You will likely do much better than most with avoiding hard brakes, but the threshold really is very low. I read somewhere that a stop from 55mph requires a minimum of 8 seconds, and you will cover a distance of 550ft. Try to decelerate any quicker, and the hard stop threshold will be triggered.
It took me a moment to relate to that, but when I drive to my parents' house, there are some stop lights as you leave the Phoenix area. I only drive fifty-five (on level ground) and I plan lights the best that I can, but until the light turns yellow, you really never know whether or not you can make the light. At that point, you only have three seconds to stop, which is far harder than I like. In outlying areas, there are just farms and open space, but they still have stoplights and stop signs, so if you drive ten miles and hit five stop lights, you might trip that alarm a couple of times, just during one drive!
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