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Originally Posted by craveman85 View Post
My 40 mile one way commute has 3 stop lights.
FYI- Going over 30mi per day results in a lower discount.

Originally Posted by Frank Lee View Post
I had Slipshod... was told I was getting the maximum discount... noticed "rate creep" anyway. Shopped around, found a better deal elsewhere without any car spy.
I had noticed rate creep as well. The "loyalty" discount appears to mean your rates go up. However, I once allowed my insurance to lapse, causing me to no longer be a Progressive customer with "diamond" status (achieved by being a customer for something like 3 years). When I signed on as a new customer, my rates were magically lower than I had been previously paying.

So much for loyalty.

Threaten to take your business elsewhere (and be prepared to make good on the threat) and you will be surprised what discounts you can get. If you're paying more than $30/mo for internet, you're paying too much. Call to cancel and tell the rep you are moving service to someone else, and all of a sudden you can keep the promotional rate.
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