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Originally Posted by ksa8907 View Post
quick question, what are your tire dimensions and brand? I run 45psi cold and don't see center wear, in fact i still get shoulder wear.
My last set of Walmart specials 205/65 -15. The wear was on the front tires of the 2000 Accord. I haven't noticed the center wear on this set of tires (also Walmart specials), but I wanted to know if it was hurting me financially to do the 44 psi. Learned that it wasn't hurting me. I regularly check them and put them at 44 psi. Mileage increase was noticeable, but no A-B-A testing done. Scangage II only.

The Tacoma is doing just fine, front and rear. No difference at 50 psi, but the wife hauls things like bricks and landscape rocks quite often.
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