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Originally Posted by jamesqf View Post
...spending lots of money on a newish car, whether it's $24K or $17K, means you're either getting deeper in debt, or foregoing an opportunity to purchase some appreciating assets.
Agreed. Opportunity cost is at play here.

The Prius, Corolla, Golf TDI, and Outback were also on my list of used vehicles I was considering purchasing. I choose the TSX because my grandpa generously donated $6k if I choose the TSX. He just wanted to see me drive a nice car.

Originally Posted by nemo View Post
Better description would be a tool.
I primarily view my car as a tool, but I also have a good deal of fun driving a sporty 210hp car. I'd probably get serious about buying a used Lotus Elise if I didn't already own a sport bike.
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