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Turtle 1990 Geo Metro Idle test

Several years ago- before the hybrids showed up I did at test on my Geo to see what MPG it clocked up in idle(yep like sitting at a stop light)...of course these days a Prius would be off.
My test did not have the benefit of a scangauge(which I now have)-but I filled the gas up to the top of the neck where I could see it was in the same spot, before and after the test.
Did you know that a Geo will go between 12-18 mph in 5th gear without lugging??And my 1990 did not have the advantage of electronic vacuum advance.
The test consisted of my riding my road bicycle route to Fort Christmas Florida and back- 28 miles.
Mpg was 99.4 Mpg.
Which could translate to 4 minutes at the light stopped equals 1 mile down the road.
Has anyone ever compared the exhaust pollution at idle to the travelling pollution??
My 1990 GEO is now retired, but I have a 3 cylinder 2000 Chev GEO 5 speed to replace weighs several hundred pound more, I hope to put it on a diet using the wonders of this website.
I appreciate your comments,
ps- my scangauge just showed up so it will be in my 2000 Geo shortly.

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