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Has anyone ever compared the exhaust pollution at idle to the travelling pollution??
When I was watching my car get it's sniffer test for the state inspection, idle air pollution was a fair amount less then at either of the two testing speeds on the rolling dyno they do here in TX. Idling at 600-700 rpm or so, vs. driving at 1700-2000 rpm for it's test speeds (I can't remember, but I want to say low speed test is at 15 mph, and high speed is 25 mph).

I don't have my state inspection sheet with me, it has all the polution data.

it weighs several hundred pound more, I hope to put it on a diet using the wonders of this website.
The old dragracer rule I once heard "Worry about the ounces, and you'll loose pounds", or something to that extent

Lets see how far it can go

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