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Originally Posted by pgfpro View Post
Back when I was a teenager late 70's early 80's there was a bunch of useless phrases when describing performance parts.

1/4 race cam
1/2 race cam
3/4 race cam
and of course full race cam
double pumper
power pack heads
camel hump heads
max wedge heads
magnum heads
1.94 heads
2.02 heads
rec port heads
oval heads
angle plug heads
roller cam when all they had was roller rockers
pop up pistons
hi po rods
hi po crank
race fuel
race gears
ported and polished

But my all time favorite was the "Balanced and Blue Printed Engine". Every kid in town had a "Balanced and Blue Printed Engine"
You forgot the one thing that every car with a V8 in my high school parking lot had (according to the owner anyway) - a 4 bolt main! Good thing too, those bone stock 200 hp 350s wouldn't live with just a 2 bolt block after all ha ha
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