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What are the advantages of front-wheel steering, instead of rear? If you have two in the front and one in the back, you could easily build skirts for the front and would not need to worry about frontal area for the back!
More people who remember scary experiences with rear-wheel steering, compared to people who have had confidence-inspiring experiences with same.

It may all be a matter of [in]correct steering geometry; Bucky Fuller put 120,000 miles on a Dymaxion and claimed a 120mph top speed, but some claim it rarely or never went over 50mph. It may just be a mattter of a long trailing arm like the girder on the front of a chopper motorcycle and a near infinite turning circle.

Or the 'pendulum effect' causes a positive feedback loop of increasing overcompensations. Airplanes with swept-forward wings only became viable with computer-augmented flight controls. Maybe it's something like that.

Tricycles need 3-wheel steering, with 80% effort in front and 20% in rear (to a first approximation: 8020 rule).
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