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power steering delete ~ quick and easy

I read all the power steering delete threads the last couple of days, looked in the engine bay numerous times to familiarize myself with the parts, and decided to do the delete this morning. My plan was to follow the honda forum diy thread, but got stuck, and THIS thread turned out to be best, quick and easy. Here are the steps as listed above, with my comments for each one.

1) remove the hose from the fluid reservoir and drain the fluid.
Following the other instructions, I drained the fluid before removing the reservoir, which was quite difficult, as there was no room to put anything underneath it for catching the fluid. I finally jammed a container next to the top, removed the line from the pump, and quickly lifted it into the container. This worked, though some of the fluid spilled in the meantime. Had I followed these instructions and removed the reservoir first, there would have been plenty of room to put the container in it's place.

2) cut the other rubber hose near where it goes into a metal fitting near the pump; this hose has a smaller metal line inside of it; cut around that and then pull the metal part out of that hose.
I did this after step #3, finally realizing that these instructions were best for me.

3) raise both front wheels off the ground; turn the wheel from side to side to force fluid out of the rack; turn the wheel slowly at first because the fluid comes out fast; have someone help so you can catch all the fluid.
I did this second, and my little container was able to catch almost all of the fluid, though some of it spilled due to it's precarious position. After this I tried to remove the pump, but was unable to loosen the bolts.

4) use a 3/8 X 3/8 ($3) hose barb to join the two hoses together looping the system.
Finally caught up to this thread, I drove to home depot, got the barb, and will attach the hoses together in the morning.

5) remove the belt and pump.
My mechanic will loosen the bolts tomorrow, and then I'll remove the belt and pump. I've been driving the car in the meantime, and LOVE the steering in it now, much better than before. I'm looking forward to my next trip to test the steering through the mountains, power up hills, acceleration during pulses, and miles per gallon.

The remaining steps from the other thread don't matter to me. I might have someone do the piston loop later on, which might make the steering even easier, though it's really quite fine at this point. Major thank yous to 1carnut for this thread.

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