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In Lean Burn Mode
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My 1991 Talon TSi Compound Turbo AWD

I thought I would start a thread about my Talon that will be capable to run in lean burn at 30+:1 A/F ratio's. Now because the Talon never was a lean burn vehicle all testing with lean burn will be off road.

I'm running a ECM Link engine management system that lets me have control over all the engine parameters. It also gives me the ability to data log up to 4 hours.

modified 1g turbo pistons, with spray-guided crown.
modified head, spray-guided high heat direct port.
custom camshafts.
intake manifold, high heat direct port w/adjustable port angle injection.

Turbo System:
High-pressure 13g internal gate dump to atm.
Low- pressure FP Red BB,rear mount.
DNP Turbo exhaust manifold.
44mm Tial Bi-Pass waste gate.
FMIC 3" core.
Tilton 40-527 external oil pump
Jegs 12V Vacuum pump

ECM Link Engine Management system

Electronic controlled cold EGR system.

Transtar/IPT 5 disk front clutch kit in stock basket, Transtar/IPT end clutches, double up stock flexplate, John Deere HyGard fluid, Foreign Muscle DSM (Transmission Control Unit), EPROM Upgrade full line pressure with pre-set rpm shift points
2g lock-up converter

Last years testing I found out I can run at freeway speed around 60 mph and be at only 0.81 inch/hg to 1.58 inch/hg at 30:1 A/F. One negative result of running very high load for long periods of time is that I would loose vacuum for the brake booster. So this year Im running a Jegs 12v Vacuum pump that can activate by engine load or manually. This will fix the brake problem.

The other new addition to my car will be a high heat direct port w/adjustable port angle injection. This will give me the capability to run up to 250*F direct port air injection. The air injection nozzle sits about 3 inches up-stream of the fuel injector outlet-tip.
All this hot air begins at the high pressure turbo's compressor outlet. I tapped the compressor outlet with a -6AN fitting and copper line. This then goes to my #1 exhaust header pipe, that wraps around five times, then feeds between the header and head to my #4 exhaust header pipe that wraps around it five times also. The copper line is insulated and then goes to a tee in which feeds the direct port system from both sides to keep air flow even. This very simple high heat system eliminated my over complex swing gate heat system.

I also built a "Cool Air EGR" system that will be controlled by my engine management. This will be right after the T/B and feed all four cylinders. Plus the way I built it I will be able to data-log exhaust pressure at the valve itself.

This weekend I should have the engine compartment painted.
Next weekend have the head and intake back on.
The weekend of May 10th start the engine on the high pressure turbo only.
The week of May of May 17 have both high and low pressure turbos enable.
Then start the body work on the outside in which I should have it show ready by the first of June.

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