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ITZOLD - '81 Ford Mustang L
90 day: 15.44 mpg (US)
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Well, what a success! I've dropped my average speed from a nominal 62 mph with a variance to a flat 42 mph, just like in the graph.

Except in my case the 62 mph average is impossible to maintain without 52 to 72 mph variance. So my 42 mph steady state speed made everything a massive amount better, even on a slick 0.36 drag factor, 19 sq foot frontal area front driver with loping 4 speed automatic overdrive

I did a pilot check last night via the 199 mile section of my audit, and fuel consumption on my Corona has dropped like a fly in the frost, with 22.4 US mpg going at 62 now becoming 32.3 US mpg 42 mph, a great 44% improvement. Safer, legal, and fun.

Aimed with this knowledge, I've gone an done some research on historical Mustang 3.3 mpg figures.

In a seven page 1967 article, found this, According to Ak Millers July 1967 Hot Rod article, with a 3 speed manual Mustang with a 38.5% power boost over stock via extra basic idle timing, better 1.687" throttle 1-bbl F100 carb, and proper tubing headers, and dual exhast, it would give...

All This and Economy Too

About this time, our local hot rod club was having an annual economy run and we decided to enter the little Mustang six -not knowing what it would do. Since we had changed the exhaust and carburetor, we were ready to accept almost any figure. Much to our delight, the Mustang registered 35.9 miles per gallon per 200 miles of Southern California coastline. Now before you call me a liar, let me explain that 50 pounds of air was used in the tires (for low rolling resistance), and coasting was allowed whenever possible. The overall average speed was 45 miles per hour and the gas tanks were sealed. The nearest competitor registered 27 mpg. The cars were all carefully inspected for obvious infractions such as added gas tanks. etc., and when the final results were in, The Mustang was able to keep its reputation as an economy winner while performing with 90 hp (at the rear wheels), compared to the 65 hp it started life with. From Untitled Document

So with these baby steps, I'm into getting 36 mpg in that 200 mile run down here. I can do it!

I'll also have the uprated compression, carb and cam upgrades phased in over time

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