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Originally Posted by groar View Post
At home (1 = 1.5654$) :
. day time = 0,1085 /kWh = 0.1698 $/kWh
. night time = 0,0661 /kWh = 0.1034 $/kWh

For the smallest installations it's more expensive :
. all time = 0,1325 /kWh = 0.2074 $/kWh
So not entirely out of line from some of our states.
I am under 7c/ kwh; but some places are 14c/ kwh

What are the "smallest installations"?

Originally Posted by groar View Post

To change the fridge to save money : I don't think so.
The fridge cost 800 with 5 years warranty and I'll save 50/year. It should be changed before being 16 years old.
Same here; I had a special case because I had a fridge + freezer and they were both TERRIABLE energy hogs according to the kill-a-watt.
My new ones are not stellar, but as good as Lowes (Big Home improvement store here) had available.

Originally Posted by groar View Post
But when people have to change their fridge then they buy one that consume less. My old one was 11 years old and was consuming 650kWh/year. The new one should consume less than 150kWh/year.

Since a few years all the fridges must have a sticker with its consumption. A graphical diagram must show the fridge comparatively to predefined categories. During last years two new categories were added for more efficient systems :-)
Similar here.
We have yellow tags showing typical energy consumption both in kwh and in $'s

Originally Posted by groar View Post
Since a couple years, the same is for new cars with their consumptions and CO2 emissions :-)

CO2 emissions would be stellar here; we are just getting around to suggesting that CO@ is a pollutant here.

We do however require the biggest lettering on the window sticker to be the EPA rated MPG

Thank you for converting units!
Your english might be better than mine :-)
Glad to see somebody with similar interest on the other side of the pond.
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