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New and learning (preparing Geo Metro to tow streamlined ultralite trailer)

Having read so often the ways and means of driving in a ecomanner I have Joined and have been preparing a long range travel RV system and hope to get advice on airo mods for the unit . My RV will be a tow vehicle and a towed ultralite ,the tug is a fully rebuilt 1990 geo metro b10 engine c/w xfi cam bored 20 over and 410 transaxle. The rims and tires have been upgraded to 13" giving an 8% higher gearing. The trailer is a selfbuilt modified teardrop using torsion box trusses for the sides and trying to be very light. The wieght is not known as of yet as I'm in the process of finishing the lights and will tow to a scale very shortly. The frontal area of the trailer 4' wide by just under 5' high. The width is within the cars but the hieght is 8" higher with the front top of the trailer having a 24" radious. The car hitch is adjustable in length from 18" between car and trailer to 36". This hitch is at present the only mod so far. It is my hope that members will give input on Ecomods for this combination. I expect the trailer to wiegh in around 400lbs. A planned 7000mile trip is in the near future and should be a good test.

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