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Originally Posted by MPaulHolmes View Post
So, in summary, Do you guys want to just try the controllers by mounting it to your own finned heatsink? Or do you want me to try water cooling?
Couldn't we just add a second thicker plate to it with channels milled in it and the milled side facing the IGBT's plate.
That would allow deeper channels as well as more width to add threaded inlet and outlets.
As long as we avoid having channels lining up with the IGBT mounting bolts etc.

That would mean the guys (and gals) that aren't pushing the envelope power wise could attach a finned heat sink and those that needed more cooling could add the water cooled plate.

Have to use all those failed gearbox adaptor plate attempts for something. (i haven't made my adaptor plate yet but i am predicting some "wastage")
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